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    2021-05-11 15:14:21 Admin

    RIVERSONG has already debuted key products including power banks, true wireless stereo earbuds, fast charging cables and wireless car chargers along with all the latest collections at Virgin Megastore, Khoury Home, M2 Megastore, IMAZ Trading, Home Tag, MLBTRONIX, and other outlets.

    “We are positive about this new expansion and are keen to build strong partner relationship with Riversong We will utilize this partnership to keep our processes and knowledge at the highest level across all paradigms, which will help us to boost Riversong further in the market, Haitham Kalakeche.

    “The expansion in this key market is definitely a major milestone for Riversong which goes with our well-defined business growth strategy. We’re going to extend our market penetration and channel the right kind of support to our customers for all their requirements in the coming future. Our objective in the Lebanon is to disrupt the mobile accessories sector, by digitizing the industry completely in order to provide a more liquid and transparent end to end customer experience.”

    Haitham Kalakeche, CEO RIVERSONG, said: "With our re-entry to the premium retailers in Lebanon, we are reaching out to niche customers across the region. This will have a substantial impact on our business and will enable us to achieve our vision of being the smart choice for generations. We have worked tirelessly to develop more user-friendly accessories that bring great quality while staying value for money."


    Given the current uncertainties in the market and our dedication to keep the consumers’ needs at the heart of all our efforts and investments, 2021 will be a year in which we focus our marketing initiatives and campaigns on innovations and products in the region, which we believe truly make a difference in our consumers’ daily habits and consumption behaviors,” says Haitham.