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  • Increasing Growth of Mobile Accessories in Pakistan

    2021-04-13 10:34:04 Admin

    Driven by systematic operation and constant innovation, Riversong has developed a creative product portfolio ranging from basic smart gadgets to AI innovation. Their products are enjoyed in more than 25 countries, serving over one-fifth of the world’s population.

    RIVERSONG’s devices with cutting-edge technology, housed in attractive cases, are the perfect lifestyle partners that one would love to flaunt. RIVERSONG is committed to bringing premium products with people-oriented designs and excellent customer services with a vision to become a brand that deserves your love. According to the RIVERSONG’s Global COO - Sales, Syed Ali Yousuf, “this rising smartphone usage in the region has accelerated the growth of the relatively new segment. This provides an opportunity for RIVERSONG to further penetrate the regional market with its unique and premium quality products with the best possible pricing. Riversong products are not only of great quality but also the very first brand to introduce 1-year replacement warranty in Pakistan.”

    “We are constantly working towards making Pakistan a smarter country by offering the latest technology in our products and keeping up with the tech trends globally. Our aim is to reach every nook and corner of the country through the rapid expansion plans we have”. Syed added.

    “We are aiming to target 25% of the market share in Pakistan by end of 2022. Our competitive product portfolio, ranging from basic smart accessories to smart devices, is indeed a perfect fit for the region’s constantly evolving demands,” noted Syed.