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  • RIVERSONG Founder Introduces the New Era of Wearables

    2021-04-12 17:55:13 Admin

    Chunming Liu, Founder of Riversong said “Monitoring health has been the most advantageous aspect of wearables technology. Not only does it help fitness-enthusiasts by providing them with necessary health parameters but also aids patients by providing insights on their conditions. People are more worried about their health, and this has led to an increase in shipment of fitness trackers. Since every smartwatch has a component of a fitness tracker, the popularity growth of the smartwatch is increasing significantly, as it has multi-functional features for recording health parameters.” 

    “Fitness is a major concern in our society today and because people are becoming more and more conscious about their health, it is imperative to bring a change that re-defines fitness.

    Our product will make sure that young users are partitioned off from networking features and are encouraged to focus more on different health metrics”, he added. As an innovative brand, Riversong will be targeting the young and upward mobile consumer who is in tune with technology and is looking to get the best quality within affordable price out of their digital devices, we believe in innovation and that is what our customer can see in our products.