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  • RIVERSONGWas named DNA best seller

    2020-02-07 21:22:21 Admin

    With innovative products and competitive prices, Riversong quickly proved to be a leading brand among its peers. With a highly focused team, the brand immediately became DNA's best-selling brand, competing with big companies in areas such as power, audio, accessories and smart devices.



    DNA, an entertainment lifestyle store, is always looking for innovative brands that add value, relevance and quality to the store's extensive global product portfolio.


    Mr. Laith Hammo, President of DNA Commented: "Together with Riversong, DNA has successfully combined smart innovation with high-quality products and penetrated a large customer base in a short period of time by offering a variety of smart and user-friendly smart gadgets."


    Launched in May 2018, DNA is a market trend-setter and a destination for life entertainment, passionate innovation and intelligent needs.