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  • RIVERSONGIn the heart of Madrid has launched the National Art Experience Zone

    2020-01-24 20:28:00 Admin

    The new experience zone will provide customers across Madrid with a unique retail experience, witness the features of the products in a new interactive way, allow customers to compare products before making a purchase decision, and see the full features and functions of the products in advance. The store will store everything from power to audio and wearable devices in RIVERSONG.


    In commenting on the launch, RIVERSONGWhen the CEO commented on the launch,Haitham Kalakeche, "This experience area is important to the customer experience, which is why retail has been an important part of our strategy from the start." Our first experience zone in Spain is part of a larger goal to redefine the customer's buying experience and make it more immersive. The experience area will allow smartphone accessory enthusiasts to meaningfully participate in RIVERSONG's products and experience cutting-edge technology in a familiar environment. We believe RIVERSONG's deep understanding of the local market in Spain will help further consolidate the offline business."